Founded on Experience

Early in my career I spent ten years working as a sales and use tax auditor for the state of Tennessee. One of my jobs was working in the refund department where I would process and approve refunds for taxpayers that had overpaid their sales and use taxes. Another job was to audit companies to determine if they underpaid their sales and use tax.

The job of processing refunds was very rewarding and I enjoyed it. However, I hated the job of auditing and assessing tax on companies.

As a result, I left the state position and decided to process refunds for companies on my own. It has been a great job and has been very rewarding both for me and my clients.

Over the past twenty-five years, we have helped companies pay only the taxes that they actually owe by reducing audits and filing refund requests. My staff and I would like to help your company reduce your taxes to their lowest possible amount.

Our specialties are:

  • Sales, use, franchise and income/excise tax audit reduction
  • Sales and use tax refund reviews
  • Franchise and income/excise tax refund reviews

We would love the opportunity to explain to you how we can lower your sales, use, franchise and income/excise taxes. If you are interested in reducing your taxes, feel free to contact us by phone at (615) 289-8886, by email at or learn more in the sections below.

Best Regards,

Don H. Behel
Behel & Associates